Design-Plan - AtiWood

Design-Plan – AtiWood

Maison en Bois - AtiWood

Maison en Bois – AtiWood

Casa de Madeira - AtiWood

Casa de Madeira – AtiWood

Casa de Madera - AtiWood

Casa de Madera – AtiWood

  House weekend 32.50m2 1 room       

Approximate price: 17259 €*

*The calculated price is only 80 percent accurate. The final price will be set following personal discussions.


*The price inlcudes the following:

  • Site survey
  • Consultation and choosing all the necessary materials which do not include the price Preparation of Plans (visual and production plans)
  • Transport
  • Construction
  • Production
  • Taxes
  • Electricity works (including wiring)
  • Plumbing services (including piping)
  • All the materials needed for construction
  • Wood protection instrumentation (fire and insect protection)
  • Insulated windows (thermo)
  • Insulated roof If basement is required, the price includes the basemant materials, except for the ground preparation
  • The price does not include tiles and parquet (flooring materials)
  • The price of the bathroom works does not inlcude furnishing
  • Electricity works does not include electrical switches, boilers, electrical outlets

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