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The advantages of the log houses

The advantages of the log houses are the good insulating capability and energy saving.

A 2 cm thick wooden wall corresponds to a 8 cm thick brick wall, as there is no stone bridge effect.

Heat insulation, as it is denoted in the meaning, doesn’t only mean keeping the cold out and saving the heat inside, but also ensures a cool atmosphere inside when it is too hot outside.

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Our services

You can take advantage of our services within the frame of an enterprise contract. The process starts with a local assessment, consultation and continues with design work. For that we make a preliminary agreement with you. For you the preliminary agreement means a statement of intent, and for us it means the carrying out of the plans according to your demands.

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What are the advantages?

What advantages will you have if you by your log house here?

We certainly know that we are not the cheapest in designing, making shipping and building of log houses.

Still, it is worth buying with us, as we work with a team whose basic requirement is the neatly finished construction whose aim is security, your security and your comfort.

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About us

Part of our firm started in Csikszereda,Transylvania.

We have been present in Spain since 2005.

By cooperating with our teams in Transylvania and Spain, we can ensure the most precise and best quality work for you, clients, with manufacturer prices.

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